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Social Statement of No Confidence Translated into Wearable Art.

June 2016

Eugene, ORE – Social statements take on iconic interpretation for many as people share the symbol that speaks for them across the aisle. The frustration of the never-ending squabbling between congress and the house, the influence of corporate lobbyists, and the polarization of the country has people reaching across the aisle for a common statement of no confidence. Yet, not wanting to step into arguments and difficult conversation, people are finding solidarity and satisfaction wearing a HoboCode.Me symbol that speaks for them, a crossed off check mark.

Communication strategist Val Stilwell came up with the iconic symbol after hearing multiple conversations highlight the same issue – no trust that the current elected officials have the best interests for the common American at heart. “It’s amazing to see,” says Stilwell as she reflects on the orders. “We’ve been selling to Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and even those who don’t vote. People seem to be seeking common ground with the same foundational opinion of no confidence. Our symbol is speaking volumes for so many people – it’s really cool to see.”  

HoboCode.Me produces hats, T-shirts, and decals and ships nationwide. Sales have been consistently climbing since the release of this glyph – and Stilwell sees opportunity in social commentary. “People have a lot to say and we help them say it,” says Stilwell.  “This is really fun.” Today’s social media gives us the door to let folks know what we’re up to and that we’re listening to find the next important social statement.”

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Val Stilwell, MSCS