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History Repeats Itself


The history of the T shirt is pretty darn interesting.  Beginning as an under garment used to keep warm, made of wool, and coveted during WWI as a survival tool. WWII and the Korean war needs brought the T shirt into cotton and was distributed to everyone in the military.  

Spreading over into mainstream, popularization of the T shirt was inevitable.  Remember the 1950's pics of the cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve on the arm of the pompadour guy sporting cuffs on his jeans as well.  Yes, the T shirt had arrived.

Then came the protesters of the Vietnam war and the T shirt took on a life of it's own.  What better medium could there possibly be to spread a message that the Vietnam war was wrong.  Signs were heavy, cumbersome, and logistics proved challenging.  Shelf life - one week.  Print adds are simply expensive and not supportive of the "bigger gov't agenda". But T shirts were the perfect opportunity.  The body became the conveyor of social commentary.  (Mainstream media exposed itself during the same time as something to be controlled- but I digress.)The tobacco companies took the idea of advertising and ran with the notion of messages on T shirts for profit.  

T shirts became the new medium for media.  The price point, flexibility for everything from distribution to purchase, to popularity - especially attractive was the ability to produce them for any need.  People literally wore messages. How great was that!? 

Today continues the tradition of wearing the messages.  From tie-dyes to solids, the T shirt is the most commonly worn articles - globally.  

We're jumping on this tool for several reasons:

  • portability
  • attractability
  • message views
  • our mission
  • and because we can.

Welcome the T shirt to step back in time and carry the message of yesterday that repeats itself today.  We are spreading the messages that resonate once again in the hearts of everyday people in a format that speaks volumes. 


Posted on August 1, 2015 .