Jack Kerouac

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Introducing another hobo of the week, Jack Kerouac. Kerouac is a well-known American poet and novelist, not to mention pioneer of the beats generation. During his life, Kerouac wrote multiple pieces about his travels during the 1940's. These works included two fascinating books, On The Road, published in 1951 and The Lonesome Traveler published in 1960. Kerouac spent time riding the rails from coast to coast working as a breakman and fire lookout.

Politically Kerouac’s writing and lifestyle experiences separated him from the herd. Kerouac was accepting of the hippie movement and found himself with enemies on both sides of the political spectrum.

Throughout his life, Kerouac spent much of his time riding the rails, traveling, and meeting many like-minded individuals to pack his experience portfolio. In his adventures, he mentions the changes in the hobo existence as detailed in his essay The Vanishing American Hobo. Kerouac is our Hobo of the week because he not only wrote about the American hobo, he also experienced the lifestyle himself.

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Posted on August 8, 2014 .