Hobert’s Shout Out To John Waters – our hobo of the week

John Waters a unique character best known for his work as a director and among other things is also a writer and actor. To simply call this man a triple threat would be an insult. Mr. Waters has more layers to him than a Drag Queen’s make-up.

You may be wondering how the writer and director of the landmark films Hairspray and Cry Baby is also recognized as a hobo – so did we. It turns out that Waters embarked on his own hobo journey in 2012 and based upon his experiences, wrote a book called Carsick.

His adventure started when Waters left his Baltimore home and hitchhiked across the country to his home in San Francisco. In his typical off-color humor, he called his adventure “my hobo-homo journey.”

Since Waters wants to identify as a hobo, we will gladly accept him as one of our recognized hobo peeps. For more information on John Waters and his hobo style check out our Facebook and Instagram (@imhobocode) pages. Watch our social channels for a quote from Carsick and a John Waters question.  Now, go forth and live your own story ~ Hobert

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Posted on July 18, 2014 .