We're People - When Symbols Represent Us!

Kind Lady Lives Here

Kind Lady Lives Here

We've become a graphic driven culture. Mass media has optimized the notion that the general populous recognizes pictures, i.e., logos and develops brand loyalty. Nike, Target, and a never ending stream of companies are a good example of this. The automobile industry has truly grabbed this notion and run with it by not even bothering to add their name next to their logo - the pompous twits! There's something that looks like a bull's head in a circle on the trunk of the car in front of me as I waited for the green light this morning but I'll be darned it I can remember the manufacturer - they made the wrong assumption for me and their brand gets lost on me.

But out of this, what I do know is that symbols are speaking to the masses - again. we started out that way and we've reverted back that way. So what if we have the symbols speak for us - the general populous? We don't need to be corporations to have a symbol that speaks for us. We just need to be people with an opinion that explains itself in a simple symbol.  Let the details sort themselves out in the privacy of our own homes.  

For many of us... the symbol of "Kind Lady Lives Here" speaks for a sense of peace, morality, or a variety of philosophically biased beliefs..  But those of us who know, when we see it, that it translates to something bigger like of the nature that cares together and in their own way.  I wear Kind Lady.. so do my friends. Let us wear it so we recognize each other... even if we've never met. Let our symbols speak for themselves... for they really do speak for us.


Posted on February 3, 2014 .