I've studied the hobo codes for more than 22 years.  They absolutely fascinate me.

I'm a communication strategist with an artisan flair living in Eugene, Oregon. I found absolute fascination with social graphics and how they so powerfully move people... in so many ways. 

Hobo Codes speak to me – they are the symbols of survival, help, travel and discovery. They are indeed modern marks of legend.

My Mission Statement: To use symbols to communicate other concepts than rules, regulations, and guides.

I surround myself with people who are inspired to elevate others… we laugh, we cry, we bemoan injustices, and we create. We bring to life that which speaks for us and now many, many others.

Hobo Codes tell a story with one quick symbol such as, "kind lady here","safe place to camp", "good water here", and so many more. The "kind lady lives here' is a mark of compassion; "good water here" is being embraced by the outdoor community, and "the system is broken" resonates with those poised for the politics of our day.

A simple sign, a mark, a statement of belief says so much… it’s the secret handshake, the nod, the tilt of the hat with the wink that says, "Yes, I know what you mean".  

10% of my sales goes back into our community by supporting nature schools that refresh children with the magic of the outdoors.